‘Thala For A Reason’ Trend Goes Viral as Google’s Post in Honour of MS Dhoni Jersy Number 7

The entire social media is flooded with posts on, “Thala for a reason.” Netizens who are active on social networking sites can surely relate to this. However, the number ‘7’ which is MS Dhoni’s jersey number is currently going viral. Various people have posted numerous images featuring the number ‘7.’ As per the latest trend, the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni is synonymous with the number ‘7’ and vice versa. Furthermore, various people also linked ‘7’ to different elements of daily life.

Consequently, “Thala for a reason” became a trend in no time. Fans and followers of MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, had great fun with it. It is a happy yet shocking revelation to see Google hopping onto the bandwagon. However, Google shared a Twitter Post in honor of former captain and Dhoni’s love for number ‘7.’ Google, the search giant revealed the importance of number 7 in the post.

‘Thala for a reason’ Trend takes over Social Media

The question read, “What is special about the number 7?” Google responded to the question with, “There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven days in a week, seven wonders of the world, seven major seas, and even the total number of continents are seven. No other number has so many connotations and references in many different fields like the number seven. So, it’s a very important number indeed.”

Google’s reaction has sent the fans of Dhoni into a frenzy. Dhoni’s fans and followers rushed to various social networking sites to express their opinions.

A user commented, “Message is clear. Thala is King of Cricket👑.” Another said, “Fun fact: it has about 7,71,00,00,000 results thala for a reason 🔥💯.”

Dhoni gained the name “Thala” from his ardent and die-hard fans, followers, and supporters. “Thala” has been translated as a leader in Tamil. Number 7 is tagged very close to MS Dhoni and his admirers and fans.

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