Australian All-Rounder Cameron Green Afflicted With Chronic Kidney Disease

Australian All-Rounder Cameron Green Afflicted With Chronic Kidney Disease

Cameron Green, the well-known Australian all-rounder admitted that he is afflicted by long-time kidney disease. Cam revealed that his parents came to know when he was born that he was suffering from chronic kidney disease. The details of the disease were revealed to his parents after a routine ultrasound procedure. When the condition was first detected, there were no apparent symptoms but the disease manifested later.

Australia all-rounder Cameron Green in an interview with 7 Cricket suffering from elaborated on his condition and said that chronic kidney disease is a slow and progressive disease where the basic function of the Kidney which is the filtration of toxins from the blood deteriorates. Cameron revealed that his Kidneys are presently working at 60% efficiency and this represents stage II of the disease.

Cam’s mother Bee Tracey said that the first hint that something was wrong with the baby she was carrying was revealed in the 19-week scan. The scans revealed that Cam had a thickening of the bladder and the urethral valve was blocked forcing the urine to flow backwards in the Kidneys instead of the urinary bladder.

Cam’s Father also confirmed the fact that his son was suffering from Chronic Renal Disease and the prognosis in the beginning was that his son would not see more than 12 autumns. Green said that he aims to spread awareness about the disease and if he can help even one person, his efforts will be worthwhile. Green was playing in his first test against Pakistan when he broke this news.

Chronic kidney disease as the name suggests is a progressive disease of the Kidneys and the Kidney is damaged and cannot filter the blood properly. The condition progressively worsens with the time leading to an accumulation of toxins in the body which also starts affecting other organs of the body.

There is no treatment for the condition though the symptoms can be relieved to some extent. The treatment of CKD depends upon the stage of the disease and also includes lifestyle changes.

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