Digital transformation success stories to learn from

Digital transformation can be a challenging topic for a business, but also something that can inspire growth and deliver excellent value. Knowing how to optimize your business and using the latest technologies can be extremely efficient and provide a resounding outcome. Here you have a short list with some companies that managed to make the most out of digital transformation and turned it into a resounding success.


IKEA is known for being a brick and mortar retail brand. Sure, they have been in business for over 80 years at this point, but the digitalization of our society showed them they have to start working on the digital aspect too. That’s why they started implementing a digital first retail strategy. They brought purchase processes, interactions and support to the online world. Even if the company maintained a customer-focused perspective, they knew right off the bat that implementing a cohesive and professional system was exactly what they had to work on.


H&M is a fashion brand, and they realized that harnessing digital data and information can help them immensely. They started their digital information with driving intelligence by using data, but also optimized the business operations. On top of that, they empowered end users with a digital first online shopping experience. Having an AR project helped them quite a bit, and other fashion companies followed suit.


When you hear about Hasbro, you mostly think about toys, so digitalization might seem far off for the game. However, they started acquiring more and more customer data and they are harnessing digital platforms and social media to generate exposure and drive sales. In addition, the company targets parents with relevant products for their kids, and this digital strategy managed to do wonders for them.

Capital One

You might not expect to see a bank on this list, but Capital One managed to enter the list with a very interesting approach. Unlike other tools, Capital One has managed to stand out and it’s bringing in digital features for customers. Capital One realized that bank customers need a better digital experience, one that helps streamline the way they work. They were the first ones to offer Alexa support, and their mobile banking app is revolutionary. 

Armstrong World Industries

The company is known for making walls and ceilings, and they are quite successful. However, the thing they lacked was proper exposure and growth in the online world. They started investing in ERP software along with cyber security. In the end, the company was able to not only enhance their growth, but also improve the customer experience. They digitalized the financial systems first, and then overhauled the customer process as well.

It’s extremely important to avoid any rush and fully understand how to perform a proper digital transformation. It might not be a simple process, but it definitely has its upsides and if you implement it the right way, digital transformation can make a huge difference. These companies were able to do it, and you can do it as well. Prepare the right plan, experiment and test things beforehand, and you will be happy with the outcome! 

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